About Lif3.zero.

What is it?

The Australia seen through our eyes and told with a keyboad. Deeds and Misdeeds, adventures and misadventure told in the first person by the authors, now directly from Sydney ... then tomorrow who knows ...

Lif3.zero is your window to Australia.

The Blog www.lif3zero.com is proposed as a chronological page of adventures in Australia. The move here to Sydney and everything that is involved with it, socially and logistically, is one new beginning and experience after another.

Lif3.zero which as a concept, was born in July 2011, when the worm of "radical change" began to make inroads in unravelled and ruthless world of life projects. Slowly, but even so, I won the first place in the standings, thus changing everything else, which was modelled and calibrated according to the realization of this new step.





    For three reasons.

    1. We're over 30

    2. This is the third phase of life. The first was childhood until the end of high school, followed by the second, the transfer to the Uni and now, with that flight from Venice began the third part, directly from Sydney, Australia, Other Side of the World.

    3. In the computer world x version of something is appointed with xy and since the blog inherent to the third part of our life, but also a "something computer", I thought the name would fit well at all.

    Lif3.zero is a window on our public life in Australia, the adventures and misadventures that happen to us, the comments that we make, the feelings that we feel, all filtered through ours eyes and our way of seeing things.

    It's nothing objective, but only our own combination of colours and tones with which we see this new world.

    Lif3.zero is not intended as an information space, but narrative. A personal piece we decide to go public, as well as a kind of notebook for a different project and, for now and the future.

    The reader should be surprised to laugh reading these lines will only achieve the purpose of Lif3.zero, which will aim to entertain, describing in more and less serious, deeds and misdeeds of the undersigned.

    Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

    - Lif3.zero has a believed duty to submit to heavy and blatant censorship events, facts, thoughts and ideas rough and inconvenient, as well as persons and/or animals that may be involved.

    - Lif3.zero assumes no responsibility with regard to cases of emulation more or less explicit.

    - Lif3.zero welcomes "requests for extension of the social network".

    - Every fact quoted in Lif3.zero corresponds to absolute truth, even if in some cases rather the opposite.

    - Any idea, thought, emotion, opinion, feeling this in Lif3.zero is strictly personal and refers to the experience of the writers. The reader can appreciate and share, how to report mixed experiences.

    Lif3.zero is NOT Australia, but is OUR Australia.

    We hope that you appreciate the work that you see here, in the hope that it is worthwhile, if only for a smile, but most of all to pretend to work for at least twenty minutes.

    I hope that you who reads this, finds your own Australia and what has to be the best of your possible worlds.

    In any case, we wish ourselves that reading what we write to be always pleasant but also provocative, cheeky, spontaneous and direct as we intend it to be.

    Welcome to Lif3.zero

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