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Giordano Dalla Bernardina



Author of Lif3.zero and star of several (mis) adventures in Australia, place where he lives, works and dreams.
Passionate about everything that rhymes with web.
Always engaged in something while he thinks about something else.
In his spare time he grows up. But no hurry.

    I'm the one who writes this blog, that swears and make metaphors, the one who no matter how I say things, I get to the point, regardless of whether you like it or not. I hate lies and hypocrisy as would any proper Miss Australia.

    I also hate football and literally do not understand the sense of being a fan. I just do not get it, it escapes me in every shade and even though I come back every so often to reflect, I find that I still don’t give a shit..

    During a speed-date I would say I am direct, sincere, no frills, very curious and a big pain in the ass if I want to. Cynical and cold if necessary, but basically very, naively loyal. Sometimes during a conversation if it happens that you catch me looking elsewhere, but do not worry, so far it has never been a stroke, and whether it was it would be too late. It 's just that sometimes I find myself thinking about my bloody business..

    Sarcasm is one of my best friends and the digs are my favorite mistresses.

    Give me a mojito and I will follow you everywhere, even into another cocktail bar. Discuss football with me and you’ll see me having another mojito.

    Take anything away from me but my dark circles. If you succeed I will be extremely grateful for the eternity.

    I write this blog with the intent to entertain, with tales that happen to me during this adventure undertaken in July 2011. An adventure undertaken after having given up, literally, everything. And when I say everything I mean even the playstation.

    Once upon a time there was me, with a job that I liked, a more than decent salary in a great workplace, with a contract that perhaps does not longer even exist in Italy: Full Time.

    I had a car, a house, a circle of friends (yes, even those), good colleagues, my known places, dinners and big, deep, discussions of this and that. I even had this and that. I was missing something else. So I came here to look for it. To do this I gave up this and that.

    And after this splendid example of literature let’s continue to tell you about me.

    I arrived with the intention of staying and it still endures in spite of who thought the opposite. Then we’ll see, because being able to do so is another matter, depending on bureaucratic issues and opportunities. In the meantime I use everything I have, not wanting to wake up one day, coughing inside the oxygen mask and think: fuck me! that day I could do more.

    As I would not suddenly wake up one night in my bed with a side of several wives and children, to realize that Thailand is waiting for me with a brand new identity, justifying it all with: that day I could have tried harder.

    Long story short, let’s say that before a new passport and an invasive catheter I want to see how things work elsewhere.

    For now this elsewhere is Australia, where I start from Sydney to finish who knows where ...

    Meanwhile, I spend my time growing up.

    This is something that never bores me.

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